USAID and the Government of Sweden, supports Cricova Wine Run


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Sweden have become the strategic partners of the sports event „Cricova Wine Run”.

USAID and the Government of Sweden support, through the Moldova Competitiveness Project, the development of wine tourism. Moldova has great potential to attract foreign tourists with such recreational activities as wine, gastronomic and adventure tourism. In turn, events like „Cricova Wine Run” are capable of attracting tourists, contributing to the strengthening of the country’s international image. The wine cellars of Cricova are considered to be an iconic landmark of our country, annually attracting thousands of tourists.

USAID and the Government of Sweden encourage the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Moldova to increase the competitiveness of tourism and wine industries, to stimulate export, develop business communities, create new job opportunities, decrease migration and reduce poverty.

Wine industry is a traditional economic sector in the Republic of Moldova, as the density of vineyards per square kilometer here is the highest in the world. Winemaking represents 2.1% of GDP, provides 200 thousand workplaces, mostly in rural areas. During the last years, the national brand „Wine of Moldova” gave a second wind to domestic vinification. Local manufacturers are now focusing on product quality, and redirecting a major share of exports on higher-level markets, such as the EU and Asia.

Incoming tourism in the Republic of Moldova is still underdeveloped, but, according to international experience, it can offer a boost to infrastructure development and increase the competitiveness of all economic sectors. The Moldova Competitiveness Project encourages the effective development of tourism infrastructure, the diversification of tourist attractions, the promotion of Moldova as a tourist destination and the liberalization of the country’s regulatory framework.