Thanks to Cricova Wine Run volunteers


The Sporter team gives many thanks to the volunteers who participated in Cricova Wine Run 2018.


The work of a volunteer in sporting events is no recreation, though it may seem so at first glance. There’s quite a challenge that can be read behind the smiling faces and vivid joy.


In order to make Cricova Wine Run equal to other events organized by Sporter, volunteers had to wake up early in the morning, on Sunday, gather in the appointed location and be ready to perform their duties.


It’s true, volunteering is an experience in a real work environment. Moreover, this work is not paid but it offers the opportunity to “be around the block”.

It is no secret that most of the specialists in schools and universities, despite a huge bag of theoretical knowledge, lack practical skills.


But this is not the case of Sporter volunteers – skills and knowledge are gained through activities, not to mention the invaluable experience that is unlikely to be learned from books or textbooks.


As Cricova Wine Run has proved, the volunteers perfectly coped with their task: during the whole route, the athletes have been encountered by their sincere support and responsiveness.


The best evidence for this is the words of gratitude coming not only from the organizers but also from the athletes.

Volunteering in Sporter events is a way of expressing human qualities and overcoming indifference. In everyday life, we are often too shy to show our compassion.


We thank all volunteers (100 people) who participated in organizing Cricova Wine Run. We look forward to seeing you at the Sporter events to come!