Multisport store – official partner for Cricova Wine Run


The multibrand sports store Multisport has become the official partner for Cricova Wine Run.

Multisport is the first multibrand sports store in Moldova that has gathered under one roof a large range of products for the most popular types of sports in our country.

World brands, such as: 4F, Mizuno, Skechers, Speedo, Adidas Kombat, Molten, Joerex, Mesuca, Sponeta, are directly presented by the producing companies.

The admirers of the Russian store “Sportmaster”, as well as those who wanted a mega sports store in Chisinau, may be excited now because we also have a noteworthy sports superstore in our country.


Who and what?

The author of this project is Power Team company, which has been present for 16 years in the sports nutrition and professional equipment market in Moldova. According to Vladimir Smirnov, CEO of the company, the idea of creating such a store has been a matter of concern over the last 15 years. It wasn’t easy to realize, because such kinds of projects demand great effort and thorough knowledge of sports and the necessary equipment.


Besides, the project organizers have set for themselves two ambitious goals. First, to have the brands represented directly. Second, to offer the customers available prices, competitive with the prices offered by foreign Internet giants. Surprisingly, but they have accomplished both goals.

However, available prices for consumers, although a very important aspect, isn’t the number-one priority for Multisport. What matters much more is the high product quality. It means that sneakers should be more than just a pair of shoes – they should also be very functional, provide comfort and protection from injuries, as well as help the athlete to achieve better results.

In case you haven’t yet visited our store, we recommend you to do it. You are likely to find a real bargain. You will find the store on 6/1 Decebal str. (opposite JUMBO).


Please be reminded that the start of Cricova Wine Run will be given on January 28, at 11:00. Only 300 people are allowed to participate, both amateurs and professionals, who have paid the participation fee beforehand at