How to prepare for Cricova Wine Run in two months?


Cricova Wine Run will take place on January 28, 2018. The participants will have to run 10 km through the famous wine cellars of Cricova. Worth mentioning that these won’t be their easiest kilometers, especially because of high-calorie meals and alcohol consumed during winter holidays.

In order to be ready to cover the Cricova Wine Run distance at the end of January, you should begin your trainings right now. It requires two months to be fit enough for a 10-kilometer race. Also, you should take into account that your training schedule may be disrupted by New Year holidays, but it’s not a reason to give up! All you need is to prepare.


If you decided to take a break during winter holidays, you should remember that, though sports excitement is a laudable thing, there is no need to make an all-out effort from the very beginning. Try to gradually increase the amount of exercises.

No matter how much your extra weight bothers you, don’t try to get rid of it too fast. Better increase the level of intensity gradually, to allow the body to get used to the training regime, and soon you will be able to get back to your usual regime.

And don’t forget about recovering. Suffering an injury on the first week after holidays means no more sport till the next ones!

Consulting a physician would be also useful, especially after holidays. The doctor will examine you and check to see if you have any physical activity restrictions. If so, he will help you optimize the effort.


Your preparation should rely on the basic principles of run trainings:

  1. Begin your training with a warm-up walking. Walk fast enough, so that your breath won’t be enough for talking.

Try running for 1-2 minutes during your walk.

Increase the duration of your runs up to 5 minutes for each. Then prolong them by another 5 minutes.

If you’re out of breath, try walking.

Start with a 3 km distance, and double it by the end of the first week.

Practice other types of physical activity at least twice a week (cross-training). Cycling or swimming would perfectly fill your training schedule. In fact, you can practice any type of sport that strengthens your endurance and physical power, and also helps accelerate the process of burning calories and prevent injuries.


Rest twice a week. But have an active rest. For example, on weekends you can practice stretching, yoga, try swimming or simply go for a walk.

Eat some light food or a bar of sports chocolate half an hour before your workout. You are allowed to eat something only 30 minutes after running. Frequent intake of protein-rich food helps maintain normal blood composition and prevents dizziness.

Drink much water: before and after the training, and during the meals.

It’s better to stop all the preparations a week before the race. Of course, in this case you won’t have enough time to prepare after holidays. That’s why we recommend you to begin intensive workouts right now, and to take a short break during Christmas holidays.

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And the last but not the least – enjoy! Don’t blame yourself for a slight increase of weight or a week without workouts – all the positive emotions obtained during holidays can motivate you to continue your trainings and get fit again.

All amateur and professional sportsmen, who want to participate in Cricova Wine Run, can grant themselves such a unique chance. In order to participate in the race, you need to register beforehand on