Cricova Wine Run – part of the national brands “Tree of Life” and “Wine of Moldova – a Legend Alive”

Wines Moldova

This year, „Cricova Wine Run” is held under the aegis of the touristic brand “Tree of Life” and the national wine brand “Wine of Moldova – a Legend Alive”, being part of the promotional plan of these sectors.

The Tree of Life is a complex symbol of national culture and was chosen to represent the values and specific character of tourism in Moldova. The brand was developed in 2014 by the Tourism Agency of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of the Moldova Competitiveness Project, to promote Moldova as a tourist destination. The national brand supports events with touristic potential by promoting them at the international level.

The national touristic brand “Wine of Moldova – a Legend Alive” was developed by the National Office for Vine and Wine in 2013, aiming to improve the quality of wines produced in the Republic of Moldova, to boost the domestic demand and increase the export value to the international market. Just a few years after its launch, the „Wine of Moldova” brand, which unites under its umbrella all the producers of quality wines from our country, managed to obtain popularity and recognition by representing the domestic wine industry not only in our country, but also abroad.