A meeting with Cricova Wine Run volunteers took place


Thursday, January 18, at Simpals office a meeting was held with Cricova Wine Run volunteers.

The meeting was attended by over 120 people, but only 100 will be selected out of this number in order to to help in organizing and conducting Cricova Wine Run race.


During the meeting, there have been announced the tasks and functions of the volunteers, the specifics of working in unusual conditions. As well areas of responsibility have been defined.

The public sports organization Sporter is confident that volunteers will live up with their mission and will fully cope with the obligations assumed.


May we remind that you can also join Sporter volunteers team. For that you need to contact the coordinator corolenco@sporter.md to get a detailed form for filling in.


We are open to new friends and take our business seriously. To us, you are more than volunteers – you are our friends and colleagues. Together we can achieve a lot more!